Saturday, 4 July 2009

Day 2 - First blog in Spanish

To learn a new language, you have to start practising it everyday. So why not start a blog in the language you are learning. So I am starting to blog in Spanish. But the drawbacks, it is difficult to get to correct your language. You must have a friend, who knows the language very well who can correct it. They say you can find friends in the social networking sites. How do you know that the person knows the language very well. Well, maybe he/she is good for practising your conversation but learning grammar that way may not prove effective. Do you know there are many English people out there who are not good in English grammar, punctuation and often have problems with English spellings?

So always have a good grammar book for reference. Have a dictionary handy. Read a lot(all types of articles, books, news etc). It improves your language skills.

This blog in Spanish would be (I know it would be difficult) as I have started learning Spanish recently. Well let me get it a try. I have used google translate to help me. I know it does not give an exact translation but I corrected some words using my knowledge of spanish.

Para aprender un nueva idioma, necesita a practicar de cada día. ¿por qué no comenzar un blog?
Por lo que este es un intento de iniciar un blog en español.

I memorized the days of the week learning the lesson LA ESCUELA from the A first spanish reader.

Voy a la escuela el lunes, el martes, el miércoles, el jueves y el viernes. I go to school on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.
El sábado y el domingo no voy a la escuela. Saturday and Sunday I don't go to school.
Reading these two lines again and again, I memorized the days of the week.
Note: Always use el lunes not en lunes to say on Monday or any other day.

The days for the week are as follows.

el lunes - Monday
el martes - Tuesday
el miércoles - Wednesday
el jueves - Thursday
el viernes - Friday
el sábado - Saturday
el domingo - Sunday

Voy a la - I go to
va a -

La profesora de castellano es muy inteligente.
The Spanish Professor is very intelligent.

Took the test in

To read stories in Spanish, use this link

Friday, 3 July 2009

A new start - A new beginning - Un nuevo comienzo

Well, my latest passion or hobby or timepass or whatever you can call it is Spanish(Español , castellano). Why Spanish? Well, access to resources.

Last year, my husband(mi mari) gifted me with Language in Action CD. I bought Hugo Spanish in 3 months and a dictionary(el diccionario) in Spanish, when I had been to India (. For a long time, I had been planning to learn spanish. Many(muchos) people say that learning spanish is easy(fácil) if you know English(inglés). So, like I had given a try to Greek, Japanese, German, French and other languages, I started giving it a try.

Few weeks ago, I purchased Practise Makes Perfect : Spanish Vocabulary. I got Madrigal's Magic key to Spanish from the library. These books really made me think that learning Spanish is easy. Well, I could understand the passages in Practise Makes Perfect : Spanish Vocabulary without any problem.

So I am writing this blog to take notes about my spanish study. Well my goal, is to be able to study basic spanish in atleast six months without losing interest. I think it is already three weeks since I started my study. So a long time to go. Well, time will simply fly off. I don't know how long this passion will last.

Spanish resources I have
  1. Practise Makes Perfect Spanish Vocabulary
  2. Hugo Learn Spanish in 3 months
  3. Linguaphone Language in Action
  4. Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish
  5. GCSE Spanish
  6. Collin's Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary (my husband's gift on my birthday for this year - I got it just today)
  7. Google Translate
  9. FSI - Spanish Programmatic Course
  10. Michel Thomas
  11. Pimsleur
  14. Pasos 1 study book and work book(this is my sister's gift on my birthday) - I got it just today.

Resources using at present

Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish

Practise Makes Perfect Spanish Vocabulary