Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Flash card from a book - flash card number 20

Flash card from a book - flash card number 20
He(I have) - trabajado mucho. - I have worked much
He(I have) - estudiado mucho. - I have studied much
?(read it as reverse question mark.. in spanish a question always starts with an inverted question at the start followed by a question mark at the end of the question)Ha (have you)? terminado el trabajo Have you finished the work?
?Ha (have you)? contestado la carta - Have you answered the letter?
Hemos (we have) vivido en Cuba - We have lived in Cuba.
Hemos (we have) recibido la carta - We have received the letter
Hemos (we have) vendido la casa - We have bought the house
Han(They have) visto a Luis - They have visited Luis.
Han(They have) escrito un libro - They have written a book.

I wanted to translate some of the phrases I have written and used google translate for the same..
I typed Han visito a Luis and it found the language as Italian and then translated it to have seen Luis and then changed the language to spanish and it was the same.

So han visto a Luis is - They have visited Luis in both Italian and Spanish.
Happy learning...

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