Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chrome settings in spanish

I don't know why, once my chrome settings changed to some unknown language. Well, actually I was fiddling with the settings as chrome was not displaying text in hindi.. Maybe I had uninstalled something and then I had a problem, after making some changes all the menu started appearing in boxes.. so I could hardly do anything. Then I had an idea, I opened IE and then saw how to change the settings in chrome and then instead of reverting back to English, I put the languages settings to spanish. This was one way for me to learn some new spanish words. So just have a look at this..
The first word is back - Atras, then cargar de nuevo - reload, guardar como.. - save as. imprimir - print, traducir a espanol - translate to spanish, ver codigo fuente de pagina - view the code for the page, ver informaction de la pagina - view info for the page, inspeccionar elemento - inspect elements.. 

First one is abrir - open , enlace - link en una pestana nueva - open link in a new tab. abrir enlace en una ventana nueva - open link in a new window. abrir el enlace en una ventana de navegacion de incognito - open link in a incognito window, guardar enlace como - save link as, copiar direccion de enlace - copy url of link... etc
so other words esperando - waiting, solicitud - request etc etc..
So my spanish journey continues with the browser settings in spanish language.. so now I know for certain abrir is to open and esperando is waiting..
Also, the fact remains, still I am not able to view hindi font in chrome.. any suggestions??

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