Monday, 7 February 2011

Again a new start - a nuevo comienzo.

This is the third time in the last year, that I am doing this. Trying to begin a new start. I was just wondering if I should include some local language words(Tamil, hindi, telugu etc) to make it more interesting. I had been really busy. It is four months since my last post. Had been a bit busy with other stuff and so I did not really get to study spanish. But had been lucky to get a Spanish book from the library.
Barron's Spanish - The easy way
Really love this book. I like the crosswords and the articles at the start of every lesson, but I had not been concentrating on the grammar and exercises. Its been a while since I read the book. So have to refresh again. It lies on my desk now while I am typing.
So let me begin with the first chapter of the book.
La casa - The House (Home).
The first lesson is picture vocabulary.
What are the words I learn in this lesson
la cocina - the kitchen
la lámpara - the lamp
el radio - the radio
el teléfono - the telephone
el hermano - brother
el muchacho - the boy
el hermana - sister
el muchacha - the girl
el televisor - the television
la mesa - the table - in tamil, table is mesai.
el gato - the cat - in tamil, cat is poonai
el disco compacto - CD
el padre - father - in tamil, it is thandai
la madre - mother - in tamil, it is annai
la flor - the flower
la puerta - the door - kadavu(tamil), darwaza(in hindi), talupu(telugu)
la ventana - the window - jannal(tamil), kidki(hindi), katakatalu(telugu)
la sala - the living room.

¿Es la lámpara? No, señor, no es la lámpara. Es el gato.

¿Que? - what? - in hindi, kya?
¿Quién? - who? - in hindi, kaun?
¿Dónde? - where? - in hindi, kaha?
¿Cómo es - what is .... like? in hindi, kaisa hai?

So in the first lesson I learnt some basic vocabulary about the house and how to ask few questions. So what does Madrigal say about forming sentences?
Let us have a go in the next lesson.
So I end this post with
¿Que tal? - ¿what's up? in a casual way.

¿Que tal, señor?
¿Que tal, señora?
¿Que tal, señorita?

Adiós para ahora.

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