Friday, 18 February 2011

Hoy es 18(dieceocho) de febrero de 2011. Ahora, es neuvo de la mañana de 18 de febrero de 2011. Vi un video gracioso en el que el heroe enseña la heroina a romper un huevo.
Primero, la heroina tiene un rodillo a romper un huevo. A continuacion, ella usos una cuchillo para romper un huevo. El heroe se frustra y golpea su mano en la cabeza. La heroina piensa esa es la manera a romper un huevo y golpea el huevo en la cabeza.
Es gracioso.
Well, let me explain what I am trying to convey. I am not sure with the translation. I saw a funny video in which the hero is teaching the heroine to break an egg. . I need to mention, the hero's mother is in the room and the hero is near the door. She does not know that he is standing there and the heroine is wondering how to break the egg. So he tries to teach her in actions so that his mother does not know that the heroine does not know to cook.
Firstly, the heroine takes a rolling pin to break the egg. Then, she uses a knife to break the egg(she is actually trying to cut it). The hero is frustrated with what she is doing and bangs his head with his hand and the heroine does the same with the egg and has the yolk all over her face.
It is funny.
I tried to convey it in spanish but really don't know how to put them in spanish. Can anyone help me out?
?alguien puede ayudarme?
One of ex-colleagues posted this video on facebook and when I tried to give a link I don't see how. Maybe it is uploaded to facebook directly.. so not able to post the link. I am trying in google, but without knowing the movie name it will be difficult.. Was not lucky this time...

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