Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Was reading a Work unit four

La carta misteriosa
The mysterious letter

Cuando Juanita Pacheco recibe una carta, esta muy sorprendida. Ella abre la carta y lee.
When Juanita (Janie, Jeannie) Pacheco receives a letter, she is very surprised. She opens the letter and reads.
verbs used in the above sentences.
recibir - to receive
leer - to read
abrir - to open

la carta
Juanita Pacheco

sorprendida - surprised

muy - very

muy bien - fine.

So trying to write the sentence as if I am the person.
Recibí una carta de mi amiga después de mucho tiempo. Yo estaba muy sorprendida.
I don't know whether what I wrote is correct but will check up after I come back in the afternoon.

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