Tuesday, 15 February 2011

"nunca te vayas sin decir te quiero" saw this phrase in someone's facebook status.
"Never leave without saying I love you". This is the translation I found from google translate. I rely on google translate a lot if I come across some phrase which I am not able to decipher. But I really don't know how good the google translate is.
I know nunca is never
decir - to say
quiero is I want - just now got saw the phrase in Vocabulary for GCSE Spanish.
Quiero este empleo porque .. I want this job because ..
Then why does it translate to I love you. Maybe te quiero means I love you.. I have to try it out again.
So the search for te quiero leads to about.com page where it says te quiero or te amo are ways of saying I love you.
So I come to this forum where people discuss about this.
So it says te quiero
querer - to want, love or wish.
te - is indirect object meaning you.
So you say te amo for anyone intimate and te quiero need not always mean I love you porque
we can use te quiero to say I want as well like in the phrase
No quiero hacerlo. - I don't want to do it.
yo te quiero - I love you.
Then there is a link in the forum to a poem "un te amo" An "I love you"

It had been a really busy week for me. I could not get my spanish book from my book shelf. I was busy working for my website http://www.languagereef.com Just now got the time to take my GCSE Spanish vocabulary book and seeing it after a long time since I took it form the library. My spanish collection of books is growing at a steady pace, that is good news(buenas noticias). Maybe I may add a book(libre) or two later next month(mes) to my collection if(si) I save some money(dinero).

So back to where I started..
"nunca te vayas sin decir te quiero", I copy this phrase in google and end up
spanish wiki.
That is going to be a interesting read. I will try how good my spanish is.

Left Luggage es una película de 1998, dirigida por Jeroen Krabbé. Protagonizada por Laura Fraser, Adam Monty, Jeroen Krabbé, Isabella Rossellini y Maximilian Schell en los papeles principales. Basada en el libro de Carl Friedman Twee Koffers Vol. Recibió tres premios en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Berlín.

Left luggage is a 1998 movie, dirigida?? for Jeroen Krabbe. The Protagonists are Laura Fraser, Adam Monty, Jeroen Krabbe, Isabella Rossellini and Maximilian Schell in the papeles?? main characters. Basada??- (must be based) on the book of Carl Friedman Twee Koffers Vol(so this is dutch - that is what google says meaning Two Suitcases full).

It received three nominations(??) in the Berlin International Film Festival.
el premio - prize, reward, award
It received three awards in the Berlin International Film Festival.
So should I try to see the page with google translate.. Before that let me get the meanings of dirigida. So I take my Collins easy learning spanish dictionary and look for the word dirigida later on I would use google translate.

dirigir - to manage, to lead, to aim at, to direct, to conduct.
so it could be director. If so It is Left Luggage is a 1998 movie, directed by Jeroen Krabbe.
Protoganista - the main characters
El protagonista no muere en la pelicula. (i has the accent) The main character doesn't die in the movie.
El protagonista es Tom Cruise. - Tom Cruise leads the lead.

So the complete translation must be something like this
protagonizada - google translate - starring
Left Luggage is a 1998 movie directed by Jeroen Krabbe. Starring Laura Fraser, Adam Monty, Jeroen Krabbe, Isabella Rossellini and Maximilian Schell in the main roles. Based on the book "Two Suitcases Full" by Carl Friedman ("Twee Koffers Vol" - dutch). It received three awards in the Berlin International Film Festival.
papeles - the roles
el papel- paper, piece of paper, role
Read about the story Left Luggage (in English of course, I don't know dutch yet) with google translate.


Maybe I should find out if the book is in the library. what about watching the movie??

So maybe that it for today. I will look online if the book is in the library. If so, can give a try..
The movie is available online in youtube. But it says it is based on the book Shovel and the loom by Carl Friedman. So now I am going to watch the movie.. Adios, amigos.. Hasta luego.

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